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Sending Amor with Papelitos Lindos by Sandra Garcia

¡Hola, hola familia!

Antes de nada, let me tell you! We at Mestiza are so grateful and proud to be part of this great community. Humankind is living through unprecedented times. This is making us all feel con ganas de tirar la chancla.

This year we thought it was going to be Puro Pari pero nos fallo. But seeing all the brave frontline medical workers saving lives, everyday people protesting for equality in the face of injustice, people mobilizing and voting for a better future, toda mi gente that continue the fight for the DREAMERS, as well seeing allies, familia, and friends advocating for LGBTQ equality, is truly humbling and beyond inspiring.

Just remember when you're feeling like, Ya nos llevo la que nos trajo...

Our very existence, our presence, our voice, and our triumphs are activism.

¡Aqui estamos y no nos vamos!

So get inspired! This is the time to make YOUR dreams come true.

Talking about dreams coming true, we are so happy to share a conversation we had with the inspiring Sandra Garcia, owner, and designer of Papelitos Lindos. You can find beautiful cards, journals, and more at as well as at Mestiza in our Pilsen storefront location. Y de pilón, Sandra's products will be available online at very soon.

Que disfruten. ¡Vamonos recio!

SM: Amiga we are so excited we finally get to chance to echarnos una platicadita contigo. Your Papelitos Lindos products reflect our culture, and our vibe in a fun and creative way. When did you start creating your beautiful cards? What was the spark that started your journey to making beautiful stationery?

SG: I started working with stationery when my brother set a date for his wedding. I created their Save the Dates and decided to begin creating greeting cards. As I would walk the card aisles looking for a sense of inspiration, I realized that there was a lack of cultural representation. I decided to change, to take charge and change this issue, which is how I came up with Papelitos Lindos. My goal is to create Latinx representation through stationery one Papelito at a time.

Images by Sandra Garcia

SM: We totally agree, there are almost no cards out there for our many traditions and celebrations. During this time of discovery, what did you learn about yourself through the creative process?

SG: I've learned to listen and trust myself through my creative process. If an idea I have doesn't work, I am no longer critical of the fact that it didn't work out, I now try to figure out how I can grow in my ideas and concepts. I also realized that rest is a critical part of my creative process. I can’t accomplish much if I’m tired.

SM: You use many materials for creating different pieces, what is your favorite medium to use for your cards?

SG: Papelitos Lindos has grown so much since we first started, and I must say that my favorite medium to use will always be heat embossing. This might change one day but I love being able to be a part of the general process of bringing my designs to life and handling each card with love and care.

Images by Sandra Garcia

SM: You are such an inspiration to us at Mestiza and of many creative peeps everywhere. What would you advise other artists that want to create a business through making their own products or artwork?

SG: Sugeiri and Lorena, you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for welcoming me and Papelitos Lindos into your beautiful store. I am remembering being so nervous to ask if there was an opportunity to sell in your store and you welcomed me with open arms! I couldn't have felt more thankful and proud of my work. With that being said, my advice is to find the spaces and places where you know your work belongs. Building a community is huge when starting a business. If your friends aren't building a business, that's okay but surround yourself with new faces who understand your struggles as a creator or business owner because it can be a lonely and confusing journey. It's hard and there's always so many questions and information, ask for help because community is everything and once you've built that foundation, you will have help! Take pride in your creations and don't be afraid to advocate for your work. We underestimate our ability to reach our audience but don't underestimate yourself because you know your "why" and you know your work. Never stop creating, build a community, remind yourself of your "why" on a daily basis, and "tell your story from the heart".

SM: That's really great advice amiga! Now, your fans LOVE your products. Give them the inside scoop, what are you working on next? What can we expect from your brand in the coming months?

SG: I'm really excited to announce the expansion of office stationery products! On November 23rd, 2020 I will launch My Poderosa Collection. I have been working hard for months and outsourcing a notebook that was locally manufactured. I will also launch a notepad, print, and a sticker! I designed these for the everyday expressive, organized, unorganized, detail-oriented, Poderosa on the go or at home. I hope to be able to continue my mission in creating Latinx representation one Papelito at a time in all spaces and places.

Images by Sandra Garcia

SM: Sandra, it was a pleasure chatting with you and we hope your brand keeps growing hasta la luna amiga!

Sandra is always working on new designs and collaborations to find her work please visit her at

Social Media:

IG @papelitoslindos

FB @papelitoslindos

¡Hasta la próxima!


- Señorita Martinez

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