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Su Casa, es Mi Casa?...What?

¡Hola, hola!...

In the words of a celebrated, wise, and crazy pizza-making man...mi tio Javier "¿Que tranza?"

This year started out like it was running the Carrera de Muertos…de chiflido. My brain does not compute that it's already March, and I’m sure by the time this gets posted it will probably be Mole de Mayo time. Well, lets make the most of it I say, Mole Negro Oaxaqueño for me... porfa!

A few weeks ago I got to visit my friend Rosita, and it gave me the chance to take a few incognito shots of some of the colorful ways she decorates her home. This is just a snippet of what I found in this cozy apartment. I was not there long enough to tactfully snoop in her closet. I've been there before, trust me it is full of treasures...but next time. Like they say, "Hay mas tiempo que vida" and finding treasures...that's "Mi mero Mole."

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Sin mas, la casa de Rosita...

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