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Women in Art Puzzle

Women in Art Puzzle




This enlightening 500 piece puzzle from New York Times bestselling author and artist Rachel Ignotofsky celebrates fifteen pioneering female artists in colorful detail.


• Features a diverse array of fifteen accomplished female artists, from well-known figures such as Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe to lesser-known trailblazers including nineteenth-century African American sculptor Mary Edmonia Lewis and Hopi-Tewa ceramic artist Nampeyo.

• Brilliant portraits are sure to delight the art enthusiasts, feminists, and puzzle lovers in your life.

• Sturdy puzzle pieces fit perfectly together, are virtually dust-free with minimal glare, and are designed to be easily handled by art lovers of all ages. Pieces are stored in polybag to avoid damage.

• Includes an 18 in x 24 in poster of the finished puzzle's design for reference.

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