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Portlandia Visits Chi-town

Letty and Kimbo

A very dear friend visited recently. Her name is Letty Martínez, she is a Chicago native that resides in Portland Oregon. You might recognize her from some of her advocacy work for Howard Brown here in Chicago.

Since her move to Oregon, she has opened a really great business. It's called Fur-Ever IS a Promise. It’s mission, to help people carry on their promise to their furry friends and keep them as part of their family.

She does this by providing support with training services, dog walks, and even helping people take their doggies to their vet appointments.

Her company is also working to create a foster network for families who need to separate from their pets temporarily, to find accommodating housing, or accessing treatment. Her prices are beyond generous, seeing that her goal is to help as many people as possible.

Always socially conscious, Letty has taught me that anything is possible if your heart is in the right place.

Cheers to Letty and Kimbo!

Get your doggie video fix on her Instagram at

Visit Fur-Ever IS a Promise at webiste at

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