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Camino de Guanajuato

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Saludos mi gente!

Happy 4th! The weather has been very good to us lately in Chicago. The summer festival season is in full bloom and right now the fireworks outside are going Loco. It's good news, especially when other things going around the world are making us all feel like La Mano Peluda is about to jump out and grab us by the...never mind.

Well then, like mi Abuelita Lupe says (when you need to hold on tight, and keep things moving forward)...¡Vamonos recio!

I wanted to share some images of our recent trip to Guanajuato Mexico. It was a real adventure visiting our Madre Patria. We saw so many beautiful sights. Had some delicious food, and had some challenges too. Like climbing the up-hill callejones to reach the monument to El Pipila. Brutal reminder of how out of shape one is, darn tacos! We also had moments of sheer terror, like when trying to help a dog that had a bone stuck in his mouth. It was so great to see a group random strangers coming together to help a defenseless creature. Oh and also, in the sheer terror category, the restrooms...smh, smh, wtf...that's all I'm going to say about that.

There were so many moments of pure joy!! The stuff that makes you want to move south. Like the sounds of no vehicles around and all you hear are the birds chirping. Or picking fresh aguacates, bolillos, and queso fresco from the store, for a meal that tastes like heaven. And our favorite, spending time with grandparents and hearing all the their stories. Sighing for those precious memories.

Hope you like these random pickings :D

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